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Easy solution

For us it is important that the solution makes your everyday life easier.

Therefore we offer solutions that allow you to focus on your business and not on the technical setup.

This means as much automation as possible for your webshop.


We are thorough in our initial phase, because we look at your needs. We suggest solutions that you can use for a long time.

Inventory management

Inventory management is one of the core features that can cost a lot of time and money if its not set up properly. 

Therefore, we listen to your wishes but we also suggest, if its possible, inventory management from the finance part. So that you can optimize the inventory with your finances. 

Fits your existing IT

At IT Servicedesk, we look at the big picture of your IT. That is why we also focus on being able to synchronize so much of it with your webshop.

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New or existing webshop?

What platforms do we work with?


Typically for webshop that does not necessarily have the great technical needs compared to multi-store. This is also a solution for the business who wants to be able to manage the design part for themselves.

So if tailor-made design is important for you, then it is also a good solution for you!


Our most popular solution is nopCommerce, which is due to the possibility of connecting other IT systems.

This solution typically runs through your finance program. In addition, it is extremely scalable.


This is our high-end solution, and we usually only suggest it if necessary, as the vast majority of cases can be solved with WooCommerce or nopCommerce for less money.

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