What does pos mean?

And which POS-solution is the right match for your business?

What does POS mean?

If you already have a store, you probably know the answer. For those of you who do not know the answer, it is: Point Of Sale – also known as your cash register.

In practical terms, this means that you register:

  • What has been sold?
  • Who sold the item?
  • When is it sold?
  • What is it sold for?
  • How was it payed for? 
  • Inventory

Why do you need a POS solution?

There is first and foremost the statutory part, and then of course there is also the overview that you get in relation to key figures, reports, inventory management, finances and operations. With the right solution, you can actually save both administration time and money.

How do you choose the best POS solution?

At IT Servicedesk we recommend that you choose the solution that works best for your daily operations and with your other IT systems. In particular your accounting software should be synchronized with your POS solution. We are retailers of FlexPOS together with 2doit, and therefore we can connect FlexPOS with, for example, Uniconta.

Who is FlexPOS?

FlexPOS is one of the major providers of POS solutions, and was one of the first providers back in 2005.

FlexPOS can be delivered to virtually all industries, and has today developed a number of modules to suit specific industries. In addition to high functionality, FlexPOS can also be integrated with many financial systems and webshop platforms.

FlexPOS has developed into one of the most widespread solutions in Denmark, and is found in more than 1000 stores across the country.

To see some of their cases, tap here.

Why choose FlexPOS?

User friendly and fast

FlexPOS surpasses the vast majority of cash register solutions in speed and ease of use. Because it is located in the cloud, your data is always secured with a back-up.

Inventory management

With FlexPOS you have great flexibility and the opportunity to connect both the financial system and the webshop. Furthermore FlexPOS also offers lots of modules, such as inventory management and promotional features.


With FlexPOS, you can choose to use the system with either a standard cash register or use a Windows-based tablet or both!

The flexibility makes it possible to adapt it to many industries. So whether it is a restaurant, retail, beauty or a completely different industry, FlexPOS can be tailored to your stores.

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