Vision and mission

Our values

At IT Servicedesk it is important for us that we meet our customers at eye level. This means that we move away from technical terms in dialogues, and speak a language that everyone understands. We understand that you cannot have all competencies in-house and therefore we have many partners that allow us to cover many areas within IT support.

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Our mission

“Make IT easier”

Our slogan reflects our mission – to make the management of IT easier for our customers through support around the clock. Our customers are everything from start-ups to joint stock companies, and we are ready to help regardless of the size of the need for help.

Our vision

At IT Servicedesk, we have an ambition to be the best and cheapest provider of IT support. We plan to realize this through our network of partners, with whom we work on an ongoing basis. In addition, we strive to provide top-class customer service, and nothing less – regardless of time and need.