Why should you choose Uniconta?

The short answer is – because you want to save money and time. 

But if you are looking for a more in-depth answer, then of course there are many other arguments as to why Uniconta is the right accounting software for your business. On this page, we will discuss why Uniconta is the right ERP system for your company.

Is Uniconta for everyone? 

It’s a good solution for companies that need a solid and automated process as well as a synchronization between other systems, such as webshop, POS, CRM, time registration and/or other digital systems.

When is Uniconta not for everyone? 

For example for hobby companies there will be cheaper solutions. Unless you have plans to expand. 

Do you want to try it first?

If you wish to try Uniconta for free and non-binding, then create an account eller buy Uniconta online.

You can create an account and a financial accounting and then you’re good to go.

On Youtube it’s possible to watch short instruction videos, so you will be good to go on your own.

Benefits of switching to Uniconta


With Uniconta, you can automate a number of things with your vouchers. Much of the manual work is handled by the system, thus saving valuable time in your business.


To facilitate the data flow and to make sure it’s as automated as possible, Uniconta has built-in inventory management that allows you to connect other systems. In addition, there are lots of options when it comes to storage features.


Uniconta is a cloud based solution that allows you to access the system anywhere. You get a paperless account that is stored in the cloud.

But one of the most important elements is the ability to generate reports with important key figures from your company.

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Phone call

The first step is a phone call. Here we can hear what you need in your business. Among other things, what to include from your old accounting software and what to implement in Uniconta.

So contact us by either calling directly on the number below, or fill out our form.

Free assessment meeting

After our conversation, we will book a meeting where we come up with different solutions. For this meeting, we will also focus on aligned expectations that a move/migration will have. It's everything from old key figures to which modules you want.

You will be offered an analysis of your needs

After the assessment meeting, you will be offered a completed analysis of your needs together with a case (project proposal), which is made based on the company's needs and IT structure.

We'll strike a deal

If you are satisfied with our presentation, we'll strike a deal!

Frequently asked questions

No it’s possible to cancel from month to month. 

Uniconta is easy to use for everyone that have tried something similar before. It’s easy to access whenever it fits your needs because its’s cloudbased.

Uniconta is a superior solution for business who need a solid and automated process and synchronization between the other systems such as webshops, POS, CRM, time registration and/or other digital systems. 

Yes of course! It’s possible to test it 30 days for free.
Click here for the free trial.

But it’s our recommendation to book a meeting with an ERP consultant before trying Uniconta or buying access to Uniconta.

Most of our customers come from a different system. They often come to us because their current solution is not scalable enough or has become too costly.

Therefore we typically make a migration (move) from your current solution to Uniconta.

The migration happens either partially or completely, depending on what suits your situation.

To book a non-binding meeting with one of our ERP consultants, book below. 

Based on our professional assessment, there are many companies that can and should choose Uniconta.

But there are also situations where we believe that there are cheaper solutions. If you have no plans about expanding your business or only have plans to run your business on a hobby level, then there are other solutions.

If none of the following are important: automation, synchronization, inventory management, paperless accounting and/or more time for operation, then Uniconta may not be a match for your business.

In a lot of cases many hours can be saved because Uniconta is very flexible and allows you to automate much of what requires administrative hours, both for your internal staff and with your accountant.

Therefore, we recommend that you look at your business needs before assessing it based on your accountants needs.
Alternatively, we also have a number of Univisors who we recommend to assist you.

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Get started right away

If you want to try Uniconta for free and without obligation for 30 days – then create a user or buy Uniconta online.

You can create a user and an account – and then you’re good to go!

Watch short instruction videos, on Youtube so you can started on your own.


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