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Uniconta - The complete ERP & Accounting System

You will get much more than just an accounting program with Uniconta – you will have both an ERP solution and a design for optimizing your work process. Below you can choose between various soutions and pick the one that suits your needs the most. 

Entirely new solution

For the business that needs a new accounting program

Partial migration

For the business that is transferring from Dinero, Mamut, Visma Business or WinKompas

Complete change

For the business that is transferring from C5 or Navision

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Why should you select Uniconta for your business?

For big and small business

Uniconta is more than just an accounting program. It’s an ERP system that’s suitable for every business – both small and big!

Book a meeting and one of our consultans in ERP systems will give you a call. 

For an easier everyday life

Uniconta is an ERP solution you can use in the business to have an easier everyday life. 

Everything from time registration to projects and CRM – and so much more.

Inventory managenemt

 With the extended version that Uniconta offers you will have an opportunity to have advanced and synchronized inventory management – across all your IT systems. 

This means that your POS, webshop and possibly your CRM systems can be synchronized in real time. 

Fits every business

Uniconta offers IT solutions to small and big business.

These are just some of the business

  • Bars, cafés and restaurants
  • Detail stores
  • Clothes, fashion and accessories
  • Flower shops
  • Real estate agents
  • B-2-B

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Hvad kan vi hjælpe med?

Automate and integrate

One of the strongest tools that Uniconta have is the opportunity to automate.

We can help you integrate the rest of your IT structure with Uniconta.

Transfer your old financial accounting

In most cases our clients have a different accounting program than Uniconta before. 

We can help your business with the transfer from your old accounting program to Uniconta. 

Depending on your previous program there’s a few different solutions. 

OverOptimize your inventory management

Optimize your inventory management

When there are several systems, such as a webshop and a physical store that must be connected to the rest of the operation, then it makes sense to optimize the information that is shared between the systems.

We will guide you AND set it up for you if needed.

We can help with financing

If you wish to, there is also an option to get a financing agreement for your solution.

Feel free to contact us for more info.

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No it’s possible to cancel from month to month. 

Uniconta is easy to use for everyone that have tried something similar before. It’s easy to access whenever it fits your needs because its’s cloudbased.

Uniconta is a superior solution for business who need a solid and automated process and synchronization between the other systems such as webshops, POS, CRM, time registration and/or other digital systems. 

Yes of course! It’s possible to test it 30 days for free. 
Click here for a free trial.

But it’s our recommendation to book a meeting with an ERP consultant before trying Uniconta or buying access to Uniconta. 

Most of our customers come from a different system. They often come to us because their current solution is not scalable enough or has become too costly.

Therefore we typically make a migration (move) from your current solution to Uniconta.

The migration happens either partially or completely, depending on what suits your situation.

To book a non-binding meeting with one of our ERP consultants, click on the link:

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Based on our professional assessment, there are many companies that can and should choose Uniconta.
But there are also situations where we believe that there are cheaper solutions. If you have no plans about expanding your business or only have plans to run your business on a hobby level, then there are other solutions.

If none of the following are important: automation, synchronization, inventory management, paperless accounting and/or more time for operation, then Uniconta may not be a match for your business.

In a lot of cases many hours can be saved because Uniconta is very flexible and allows you to automate much of what requires administrative hours, both for your internal staff and with your accountant.

Therefore, we recommend that you look at your business needs before assessing it based on your accountants needs.
Alternatively, we also have a number of Univisors who we recommend to assist you.

Try Uniconta for free

You can try Uniconta for 30 days for free.


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