What does CRM mean?

- and what can it do for your business?

What does CRM mean?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. But what can CRM do for your business?

In practical terms, CRM means that you have the opportunity to get a handle on and an overview of:

  • How long you/the employees are in a sales process
  • What has been sold
  • To whom it is sold to
  • When it is sold
  • What it sold for
  • Synchronizing accounts with your sales
  • Stock

Why do you need a CRM solution?

The short answer is due to sales optimization and savings on administration.

Most of the customers who come to us typically come because they lack a tool for saving time and money on administration and for manually entering data.

Besides that, there are also companies that want to get more structure around their sales, and get key figures over their sales. Just to be able to see how effective they are.

How do you choose the best CRM solution?

At IT Servicedesk, we will take a look at your company’s IT structure. Because it is crucial for us to know how your current setup works and what it is, in it you specifically wants to improve. Then we will come up with a solution proposal.
All prices are here.

Who is WebCRM?

 WebCRM has been around since 2005, and has been a global company since 2009 and is currently in 20 countries.

Although WebCRM is getting bigger all the time, it does not change the fact that they provide local service. This is the philosophy behind WebCRM, they make sure to set up offices in all the countries they are in. Precisely to be able to offer service and support in the local language.

Today, more than 3,500 companies use WebCRM and have more than 20,000 users.

To see some of their customer cases then tap here.

Why are we retailers of WebCRM?

We have been providing first-line support to companies for many years, and over the past few years our customers have needed us to help them take on more tasks.

It has been everything from webshops to ERP systems to CRM.

And when it comes to CRM, the best thing we can do is recommend WebCRM. It is both a quality product, but it also fits in with the other systems that we use with existing customers. Since they have the most integration options with other Danish IT-based tools on the market.

You can see who we are retailers of here.

Why choose WebCRM?


As soon as you order a demo, you get a lightning-fast overview of how easy it is.

Once you set the system up to your needs, then the rest is easy.

saves you administration time

One of the biggest reasons to implement a CRM system is the desire for one’s IT to fit together. To prevent data being lost or having to be entered twice.


Sales is also one of the essentials of a CRM system. How effective are the sellers? How long is each sale? And so much more!

BOok a meeting for free

Book a meeting and get an overview of what WebCRM can do for you.

Hvem kan bruge WebCRM?


Book a meeting

You fill out our booking form. Just click on the "Book meeting" button.

You get a walk-through of WebCRM

Demo will be with you at your place of business or we can do it online.

You get an offer

Based on your case, we will make a presentation.

We will strike a deal!

If you are satisfied with our presentation, then we will make an appointment.

Get startet right away!

Book a meeting with us and we will contact you, then we will find out if it should be an online meeting or we should make a physical appointment.

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